r = exp(Parigi_viola);

// darà inizio incursioni *** will initiate incursions
musica == (images.space.theatre);
d’immagini e spazioteatro = del0.writeUnconventional(slide(delaySel, sigSlide, sigSlide));

       //calculate coefficients
                      di Berlino come un esperimento di ricordo – Berlin as an experiment in remembrance

Just a little, just a little, to breathe in this emptiness.
Now I lie down, despite every ruin.

I was told of a woman in Paris, a great-granddaughter of Skrjabin, who spent her entire life writing music not intended for listening. What it consists of and how she composes it is unclear; but I have always envied her. I envy her madness, her non-pragmatism. (Morton Feldman)

Like the “Ricercare”, the song flows into the Fugue.

Now and later: